How Quanta's CBD Tincture helps with stomach issues.

Apr 15th 2020

How Quanta's CBD Tincture helps with stomach issues.

CBD is known for its ability to regulate inflammation and provide pain relief. But a growing number of people are finding that CBD oil is extremely beneficial in managing the pain that comes along with gastrointestinal issues and the underlying digestive tract problems as well. Individuals dealing with Gastroparesis have found the relief they’ve been looking for with CBD.

The endocannabinoid system influences function and efficiency in numerous body systems, including providing positive benefits for the digestive system. Studies show that CBD regulates appetite and cravings by influencing signaling between the stomach and brain. It also attaches itself to CB1 receptors, located in the digestion tract, to reduce nausea and vomiting. Adding CBD to your gut’s chemistry ensures that the muscles in your stomach and intestines contract and improve gut motility, which can lead to better digestion of foods.

Gastroparesis, simply put, is a condition where the stomach cannot adequately empty itself. It is a common issue for those dealing with diabetes and can also occur when the vagus nerve is damaged, preventing the muscles in the stomach and intestines from functioning properly. In addition to nausea, some other symptoms can be heartburn, irregular appetite, abdominal pain, and bloating. More far-reaching issues of the disease include malnutrition and dehydration and even the growth of bacteria in the stomach from the undigested food.

CBD has shown to be effective for facilitating better digestion in numerous studies, but what is the best way to take it for Gastrointestinal issues? CBD tinctures, like our Quanta Drops, are an excellent way to deal with the symptoms of Gastroparesis. Vaping CBD is one of the fastest methods to get the cannabinoid in the body because it bypasses digestion and provides more CBD for the body to use. However, in the case of handling digestive problems, CBD should move through the natural path of digestion and interact with the microbes living in the gut. While CBD through this method requires a higher dose due to the amount lost by digestion, polarized CBD is absorbed with more efficiency for more benefits.

Gastroparesis impacts the way food is digested, which can no doubt cause a drastic change in one’s daily life. CBD can be your return to normalcy and works to reduce nausea, facilitate better digestion, and relieve pain that comes along with gastrointestinal issues. For a complete solution that goes to the root of the problem, you can trust the polarized CBD in our Quanta drops tincture.


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