Top Essential Oils to help Boost Immunity

Top Essential Oils to help Boost Immunity

Posted by Kelsey on Mar 25th 2020

Top Essential Oils to Help Boost Immunity & Mood

We’ve all heard about them, but how can essential oils help to support our mind, body & space during these unusual circumstances that we are all now facing?

Imagine your brain like a filing cabinet, when we consume natural ingredients like an orange your body immediately recognizes this substance and knows exactly where to file it. This allows it to work more quickly in the body and it doesn’t get lost or stored somewhere that it doesn’t belong as a synthetic ingredient would. Essential oils work the same way in our bodies!

I promise we haven’t been holding out on you as essential oils have been used for centuries in medicine and beauty. Each oil carries a specific characteristic that works as a real powerhouse in the body. Now, let’s get to it!

Tea Tree: Coming to the rescue for that healthy immune system with its antibacterial properties that will also help to protect against environmental threats. It’s also very uplifting and rejuvenating.

Lemon: Otherwise known as limitless uses! Lemon can be used as a cleansing agent for the home or the body. (Feel free to rub the leftover lemon used for dinner over your countertops after.) It helps to improve mood with its energizing and uplifting properties, and it supports healthy respiratory function.

Eucalyptus: Difficulty breathing? Eucalyptus promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. Maybe a feeling that we are all a little more conscious about nowadays. It also has antimicrobial properties. (A great pro tip is to hang fresh Eucalyptus in your shower!)

Frankincense: For centuries we have been using this oil in eastern medicine for its soothing characteristics specifically for bronchitis and asthma. It can help boost cellular function and immunity. As well as help to promote feelings of relaxation and overall wellness.

Bergamot: A unique citrus oil that simultaneously uplifts and calms your body. Not only does it help dissolve sad or anxious feelings, but it also has significant cleansing properties.

At Quanta, essential oils are used in almost all of our products. Including our Muscle Rub, CBD oil pens, and Tincture