Why Meditation is so Important to the Immune System

Mar 18th 2020

Why Meditation is so Important to the Immune System

Your immune system is more important than ever!

Try and share these tips for strengthening your immune system during these unprecedented times.

#1 Be mindful, meditate!

A recent groundbreaking review looked at 20 randomized control trials examining the effects of mindfulness meditation on the immune system. In reviewing the research, the authors found that mindfulness meditation:

  • Reduced markers of inflammation, high levels of which are often correlated with decreased immune functioning and disease.
  • Increased number of CD-4 cells, which are the immune system’s helper cells that are involved in sending signals to other cells telling them to destroy infections.
  • Increased telomerase activity; telomerase help promote the stability of chromosomes and prevent their deterioration (telomerase deterioration leads to cancer and premature aging).

#2 Reflection.

Take the opportunity to reset your immune system by pondering what is actually, truly important. Being able to sit back and reflect on your past, and your present situation is a great way to assess what is important moving forward.

You may come to the realization that some of life's stresses can be eliminated when they are not fed with energy. Less stress = a stronger immune system.

#3 Get back to Art.

Apply yourself to something you actually love doing. Find something you enjoy, don't look at how you can prosper from doing it, just do it.

Finding something you are passionate about is a great way to calm the soul and the mind. When your mind is calm you aren't anxious. Use this "Art" as a way to reduce your anxiety. Focus your energy on something positive.

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